Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Locavore Challenge

                  Cabbage in my garden that was turned into coleslaw last month

I wanted to launch this blog a month ago, but I've agonized over having the perfect first post, complete with photos and a recipe. It's not going to happen. I'm on the run far too much to be able to make this perfect. So, it's time to just write.

And, I have a reason that I need to. I've signed up for NOFA-NY's Locavore Challenge.

According to their website, NOFA-NY  (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York) "is an organization of consumers, gardeners, and farmers working together to create a sustainable regional food system which is ecologically sound and economically viable."

For the month of September, they've launch the NY Locavore Challenge. I've thought many times about challenging myself to a certain period of local eating, so when I saw the challenge on one of my favorite blogs, From Scratch Club, I signed up right away.

For anyone who is interested in eating more local, organic food, but isn't sure how much they can commit to, this looks like a great challenge to try. But, because you can choose a bite-sized, meal-sized or feast-sized challenged, even someone who's been eating local, can push themselves to do more.

Looking at the "menu," I saw many things I'm already doing - shop at the farmers market, make ice cream, try canning - so, I decided to take on the feast-sized challenge.

But, as easy as I thought it might be, I'm on day 3 and already not doing that great.

One of the things that I committed to doing was blogging about the challenge. (Can I kill two personal goals with one stone here?) Hopefully by writing, anyone who is reading can help me stay on track.

What else will I do for my personal challenge?

I'm going to take the 250 mile day challenge. So, there will be one day this month I will eat only food grown within 250 miles. I can decide on a handful of exceptions, one of which will definitely be tea.

Every other day during the month, I will eat 5 servings of local, organic fruits and veggies. I thought this would be easy, but I had gotten on a bit of a junk food kick lately, and it's turning out to be more challenging that I expected. Today, I've had one serving so far - berries with a bowl of yogurt - and, it's already nearly 5 p.m.

For the rest of the Grow, Cook, Eat part of the challenge I already do many of the things on the list, but I'm going to try to do something new.

Accomplishing three things for the Take Action part of the challenge is going to be the toughest for me, so I haven't quite decided, aside from the blog, what they will be. It's not that I don't think it's important, but I'm not sure what direction to go in. If anyone wants to push me in one direction or another or help me out, the extra motivation would be welcome.

In all, I'm very excited about the month of local eating that lies ahead. I know that I'll meet the challenge and I hope to learn a few things along the way.

Who's in?


  1. Go you! Mike and I are going to the Black Watch a resturant which I hear makes there food with local products. We try when we can, we grow some veggies in the backyard and hoping next year will have more selection. Also my father bought land and farms veggies. This year is the first and he is hoping for many more crops next year. (Poppy's Garden) on facebook, if you wanted to check it out.

  2. I would love to check it out, but I can't find it. Sounds great, though.
    I've wanted to try Black Watch, but it's pretty pricey and I haven't found a time I felt comfortable shelling out the dough. But, my birthday's coming up ...