Monday, July 22, 2013


He's already five.

He's still just five.

Five years to give him strong legs to run. Five years to give him arms to hug and a heart full of love.

In five years, he's learned so much, but he's only just begun. His curiosity keeps him asking questions and experimenting with new things every day. His enthusiasm keeps him eager for new adventures. His smile helps him find his way into the heart of nearly everyone he meets.

Oh, my boy! He turned five nearly a week ago and I watch him with amazement.

So independent! He figures out how to find his way. He moves chairs to reach when he's not tall enough. He finds the scissors to open his own packages. He's put together Legos, following instructions, without help - although he still prefers working with Mommy or Daddy.

So curious! He asks me about birds' ears and how our ears work. He tells me about an animal he learned about that walks on water. He watches my plants grow and learns with me about the insects that eat them. He experiments with mixing together anything he can think of. And, my boy, who doesn't like to eat anything unfamiliar, will sometimes "give it a try" because curiosity wins.

So creative and imaginative! He paints, he glues things together, he builds things without a plan or directions. He tells stories while playing with his toys on his own. He sets up performance and then calls us in to watch.

Still so little! All his independent curiosity and imagination must take its toll, because there are days he just can't pull himself together. He cries and can't find words. He asks to be carried in from the car, sometimes after just a short outing to the store. And, as trying as whining is, I remind myself, he's still just five.

At the end of the day, he longs for snuggles. He may have pushed me away a million times one day, but in the end he finds comfort in my hugs and kisses, and I have an infinite amount to give him.

Oh, how I love being Mom to five!

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