Monday, April 8, 2013

Seeds of purple

I didn't order very many new seeds this spring. I ordered a ton last year, then life got away from me and not much got planted. So, this winter, after taking stock of the seeds I had, I decided those 26 varieties were quite enough.

Then, I read somewhere that kohlrabi is easy to grow, and my family loves it. I decided I really didn't have enough carrot seeds. I couldn't live without cherry tomatoes. Wouldn't the bean tee-pee I want look gorgeous with scarlet runner beans? And, as long as I'm ordering, I wouldn't mind trying a different type of kale.

I'm not sure exactly what led me to Hudson Valley Seed Library, but there's a few things I like about it. First, they are the most local source I know of to buy seeds. Secondly, since I'm a visual person, I love the art on their seed packs. And, most usefully, I've been finding a lot of helpful tips on their blog. So, that's where I decided to order this year's seeds. It didn't really matter to me that they only have 60 varieties of seeds compared to the hundreds other seed supplier have. I only needed five.

So, a few weeks ago, when I decided I couldn't live without five more types of seeds, I clicked them into my shopping cart. While doing so, I picked up on the library's membership. Not only would the membership save me a bit on my order, but it would also get me in on their community seed saving project. Yes!

As if a project to teach me about seed saving isn't cool enough, the community seed is the Purple Podded Pea. Did someone just say I could have PURPLE and PEAS in my garden on the SAME plant? Let's just say, I couldn't sign up fast enough.

Today, my seeds came. I can't wait to put them in some dirt! If my garden turns out half as beautiful and bountiful as I'm dreaming ... wait, dream garden is the next post ...Pru

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