Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random updates

Received in the mail today: The first, but certainly not the last, correspondence addressed to "Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of Bear Nusskern" from Queensbury Elementary School. It was our appointment for Kindergarten Roundup. Another reminder to have all sorts of fun with my boy before he gets swept into the wave of school.

In the category of difficult challenges: Getting outside every day is not so easy. But, with the exception of Tuesday, when it was pouring, we've done it every day this week. Some of those we weren't out for long. But, 20 to 30 minutes is better than not at all.

Tiny things to celebrate: My first seedlings have seen light. I planted these leek seeds at least three weeks ago. The seeds were two years old, so I was very unsure of how well they'd do. Then, I had a bit of trouble figure out how much water  I needed

in the bottom tray and everything dried out. Finally, I got enough water in there and, three days later there were the first bits of green. Now, out of about 100 seeds, I have a bit more than 20 tiny plants. It would be nothing short of a miracle if they were all to mature to full-sized leeks. We have months ahead to find out.

Lastly, in the battle with Daylight Savings Time, I win! Not only is Bear not going to bed later, but he's actually started to go to bed at a reasonable (before 9 p.m.) time. It's probably the fresh air. Maybe a little bit of it's my determination. Whatever it is, it's adding to my positive outlook.

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