Sunday, March 10, 2013

Climbing out of the winter slump

I'm not sure exactly when this slump started, but I've been eating horribly lately. I'm so conscience of what the boy is eating, but I've been chowing down on bowls of ice cream for lunch when I think no one is watching. And, I'm constantly refilling my coffee cup to the point the caffeine no longer keeps me from falling asleep. Although, I know it's preventing me from getting the best sleep possible.

Forget about exercise. I started the winter thinking we would cross country ski and sled and build snowmen. But, when the little bit of snow we had came, I just hunkered down inside. Not only am I suffering from this, but so is the boy. He needs outdoor time and exercise more than anyone, and it's up to me to make sure he gets it.

Yesterday, we went for a family walk. It was that first beautiful March day. The kind of day when just because it is warmer than 40 and the sun is shining, people in the north country think shorts and tank tops are appropriate attire. We went to Hudson Pointe along with river in Queensbury.

It's not a long walk, and it felt great to be out. Hubby and I both felt great to be walking. Along with the dog, our legs were itchy to move briskly. Sadly, our out-of-exercise little boy was dragging his feet and asking to be carried. This is not the boy I know from the summer and fall. It may partly have to do with wearing snow boats instead of comfortable sneakers, but still ... I've got to get this boy moving.

I've got to get this mama moving. And, the papa -- he wants to move more too.

And, I've got to cut the junk food.

It starts today!!!

Bear and I will be getting outdoor exercise time EVERY day. Dan will join us when he can. Starting today, daily exercise for Bear and me will get the same priority status as getting dressed. I don't have an exact plan for the eating, but there won't be anymore ice cream for lunch and a much bigger focus on healthy snacks.

Here we go ...

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