Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food swap: Some yogurt for your jam? Please

Wednesday, I went to my third food swap. I'm not sure why I haven't written about the swaps before. Each one has been great.

If you've never been to a food swap, it's really worth checking out. From Scratch Club hosts two swaps each month. I've been going to the one in Saratoga Springs. They also hold one in Troy, and will be starting a Schenectady location.

In a nutshell, you bring your homemade goods and leave with something else homemade. So, if you are an awesome baker, but can't imagine making yogurt or canning jam, bring your cookies and trade for yogurt or jam. Or, maybe some soup. Or, maybe even a homemade body care product.

For this past swap, I brought one bottle of coffee-vanilla liqueur, three jars of green tomato relish and a jar of yogurt (my process to come in a future post).

I left with a loaf of cranberry-nut bread, which was quickly devoured by hubby and me before bed; a jar of raspberries in light syrup (enjoyed on yogurt with granola - yes!); a jar of sungold tomato jam (with a perfect amount of spiciness - that jar's not lasting long), a jar of healing salve and a body scrub.

Mamatoga's coconut oil and turbinado sugar scrub
Sungold tomato jam from Erika or
After past swaps, I've come home with paneer, home-brewed beer, bread, fudge, jam, and several other things. Not one thing has been a disappointment.

So, seriously, check it out. When you come, keep in mind I'm a sucker for healthy muffins and breads, so bring some for me next time, would ya?

To learn more about how the food swap works, check out From Scratch Club's page about Food Swaps.

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