Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beginning again

After a long time away, I've decided to start posting here again. It's not that I all of a sudden have extra time on my hands. It's that I have things on my mind and moments of life I want to remember.

I've been writing a recipe column for the farm, which appears on the KFF blog and on the Saratoga Wire. I love writing it, but it doesn't cover nearly all the things that I want to say.

I want to write about food issues, and possibly other social issues, not related to the farm. I have recipes to share that don't necessarily highlight veggies. I want to record what's to come in my garden and other projects around the house. And, most of all, I want a place to hold the memories of raising the most wonderful boy on the planet. How did I get so lucky?

Chances are there won't be any consistency here, but I'm going to shoot for one post per week -- even if it's just a single photograph. I'd like to think each week of my life has at least one little thing worth remembering. Here are just a couple February examples.

To the left, my boy is celebrating Blue Bear's birthday. It was a snow day and he spread out a tablecloth, and passed out plates, cups and straws to all his stuffed animal friends. We even hung a banner.

Below, he's making Valentines for his classmates.

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